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Buffy Biernesser is an excellent coach and role model. Over the years my children have had many different coaches at all levels of competition, and Buffy Biernesser is the benchmark that we measure all those experiences to. Two of our children are goalkeepers and have been trained by her and I really can not say enough good things about her. Her attention to technique and making sure that every repetition counts is unsurpassed. Her intensity on the field in training sessions is unmatched. She sets the bar VERY high and the athletes that train with her LOVE it and rise to the challenge. My children were always excited to go to training sessions with coach Buffy and left each session excited about what they achieved.  She continuously challenged them physically and mentally to get the very most from them in each training session. She is committed to making sure each athlete realizes their full potential. If you have an opportunity to train with Coach Buffy she is truly one of the best, awesome coach and superior role model both on and off the field."

Steph Barzd

Coach Biernesser is a passionate, professional soccer coach.  Her no-nonsense approach provides players with training in an environment which motivates and challenges them in the context of individual skill development while also stressing the importance of behavior and respect. I coached high school girls for the past 20 years.  During that time, Coach Biernesser provided outstanding training to a series of our goalkeepers advancing their skills to the point where the team could compete for district and state championship titles.  Her training also facilitated those players’ recruitments to numerous university programs.

David Derrico
Former Head Coach
Canon-McMillan Girls Soccer

Coach Buffy started training me when I was about 11 and she taught me everything from basic techniques to positioning and everything in between. She was my first goalkeeper coach and she taught me much more than just tactical knowledge. She helped me gain confidence in myself, both as a player and person. I am truly lucky to have had such a positive role model and caring coach growing up.

Emma Bruno
Baldwin Wallace Univ. ‘20

Buffy has taught me so much, not only in the sports world but in my life as well. Being a woman in a male dominated field is not always the easiest. You are required to be tough, non-emotional and driven. Throughout my time with Buffy she helped me become a Division 1 athlete with the sky being the limit. I learned how to become a confident player and person who was able to break through and became resilient, dedicated and empowered. She pushed me and expected more from me than anyone had before. She believed in me and my abilities when I questioned myself and them. She is a fantastic mentor and coach!

Leah Roth
University of Maryland
Baltimore County ‘19

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